Welcome to ASTSystems.net!

(1/11/2021) Welcome to the new website!

Hey there! Thanks for visiting the new website for ASTSystems. Here you will be able to do a host of different things. Including downloading software, listening to our IP radio station WAST, and more! If you find any bugs please report them to ASTChristopher on Discord. Once again, thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay!

Planned Downtime (2/1/2021)

On February 1st 2021, the AST-Server will be taken down inorder to preform routine maintence to several different systems. This outage will begin at 12PM Central Standard Time. Services are estimated to be restored by 1PM Central Standard Time. Thank you for your cooperation.

After Action Report (1/11/2021)

An error occoured with the AST-Server (VPS) resulting in some icecast streams being effected. A restart was attempted to fix said issues. After this quick system restart, all systems, including the icecast server, came back online. All systems are now operational.